Our Philosophy

We’re here to help you and your employees get retirement right. Our main goal is to help you navigate through your 401(k) plan administration responsibilities so you and your employees don’t have to become qualified plan experts. Our comprehensive approach helps minimize risk for you and your plan while relieving you of your administrative duties.

At BFF® we are committed to delivering the following for our plan sponsors:

  1. Minimize Plan Sponsor Risk: BFF® will serve as a co-fiduciary on your plan and shoulder the majority of the regulatory obligations and administrative requirements for your plan. BFF® reduces personal liability for plan sponsors by making sure the plan is properly administered.
  2. Save Time and Money: BFF® will relieve you of the responsibility of administering your plan so you can focus on managing and growing your business. We can also reduce and minimize employee time spent on unproductive and time-consuming plan administrative tasks so they can also focus on more important things.
  3. Reduce paperwork: BFF® will handle the day-to-day administrative duties and manage the paperwork so you don’t have to. With our Fiduciary Statement of Plan Management® or FSPM® we also provide you with one simple annual report that will document that you have met your fiduciary obligations each and every year.
  4. Provide Flexibility: You select the level of BFF® service that meets your needs. Plus, you always maintain the option of determining how our fees are paid as they can be covered either through the plan or paid directly by the plan sponsor. It’s up to you.
  5. Provide Peace-of-Mind: BFF® will keep your plan compliant and give you the confidence of knowing that your plan administration responsibilities are covered by a professional fiduciary-level 401(k) plan administrator. If there ever is an administrative problem, you will have BFF® standing next to you and our fiduciary liability insurance protecting your plan.

For more information on how BFF® can help you manage your 401(k) plan, please contact us.